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Davis Acura: New and Used Genuine OEM Acura Parts in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

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Davis Acura: New and Used Genuine OEM Acura Parts in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Davis Acura is a premium Acura dealership that offers genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Acura parts. Whether you live in Langhorne, PA, or nearby Trenton, NJ, leave all your worries about maintaining your Acura vehicle.

Address: 2051 Lincoln Hwy, Langhorne, PA 19047, United States

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts come from the same manufacturing company that built the original parts for the vehicle brand. When you choose OEM Acura parts, they will be of the same quality like the ones used originally when your car was brand new.

The only difference is it does not have the company logo!

On the other hand, genuine parts assure a much better quality since it even has the manufacturer's logo on them. These are the same parts used in your Acura in the first place.

With the logo comes a higher assurance of quality!

Now, your Acura is an expensive investment and requires proper maintenance to run. Also, having genuine/OEM parts allow you to customize your vehicle to suit your lifestyle. Fortunately for you, Davis Acura offers genuine/OEM Acura parts through its eStore to help you with this.

Why Should You Choose Manufacturer Car Parts (Genuine/OEM) Only?

We at Davis Acura are committed to providing genuine/OEM Acura parts and accessories by catalog and for a much lower price. Our goal is to provide our customers with a one-stop shop for all Acura vehicles, parts, and accessories at our premium dealership.

Here are the top reasons if you are wondering why you should always choose authentic car parts over aftermarket parts.

Better Quality and Higher Performance

Since aftermarket car parts do not come from the manufacturer itself, there is no quality guarantee. Often, these parts are assembled by other independent mechanics who try to replicate the OEM products.

On the other hand, genuine parts are built in the same factory as the original car and its parts. Also, OEM parts are another excellent option because they are made by the same manufacturer but come without the logo.

At the Davis Acura vehicle parts center, we only sell vehicle parts to increase fuel efficiency and complement your existing vehicle components.

vehicle parts center

Besides the quality and performance of your Acura, safety is also a vital aspect to consider. Our expert staff conducts thorough testing of all the Acura parts before and after installation.

You should always avoid aftermarket car parts if you do not wish to compromise your safety. The primary reason is that these parts are made for a vast array of cars and may not be suitable for your particular model.

When faced with an accident, this may cause a problem as all the components of your car may not function well with the aftermarket parts.


When you purchase a premium car, such as the Acura model, from a premium Acura dealership, you get a warranty along with it. For instance, At Davis Acura, we provide a warranty for your new vehicles and certified pre-owned vehicles.

Take a look at some of our warranty plans:

  • Up to four years or 50,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper protection for new vehicles
  • Five years Rust Perforation Limited Warranty with no mileage limit for rust protection on the body panel
  • New vehicle Powertrain Limited Warranty for up to six years or 70,000 miles for protection of the engine and other drivetrain parts
  • Up to two years, or 10,000 miles for pre-owned vehicles

In addition, we also provide the Acura Roadside Assistance plan as a part of the manufacturer's CPO (certified pre-owned program).

However, purchasing aftermarket car parts can void your car warranty. That means you will not be covered any longer under any scheme in case of any damage.

void your car warranty

It is also essential to choose the genuine/OEM car parts for your Acura automobile. To help you out, here are five top tips that you should always consider.

  • Research Well: Before visiting the dealership, research all the parts and their alternatives to see which brands are available. Also, compare the prices and consider online and offline buying options.
  • Consider Your Requirements: Make a list of the Acura parts you need and their quantity. Also, check the necessary requirements along with the parts. For instance, an AC condenser replacement may require other supporting components, like hoses and pipes.
  • Shortlist the Parts: Make a note of any alternative spare car parts from reputed brands other than Acura as well. For instance, if you need a brake pad replacement, you can go for other brands, like Brembo, and Bosch, rather than aftermarket parts.
  • Note the OEM Acura Part Numbers: Note down the OEM part numbers as it will help you find the exact parts much more easily. When you visit our authorized dealership at Langhorne, PA, we can even look it up for you much faster.
  • Find Out About the Shipping and Payment Options: Whether you are going for an offline store or our eStore, check the payment scheme before choosing. If you have any doubts and need an early quote, give us a call at (215) 943-7000.

Davis Acura: The Best Place for Genuine/OEM Acura Parts

Now that you understand the benefits of genuine/OEM Acura parts and how to choose them, let us help you. Whether you live in Langhorne, Philadelphia, PA, or nearby Trenton, NJ, we offer our services.

At Davis Acura, you can expect the most driver-friendly prices and availability of all car parts specials, like oil and filter change, wiper replacement, brake replacement, etc. We also provide the provision of ordering online.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with us today and witness the true Acura experience.


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